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Brazil 2015: street protests & survivors-orphans

Many street protesters seemed to be survivors, who deservedly resisted along almost last 15 years to a neo-revolutionary mental war, biased and ideological germinated at the Porto Alegre Social World Forum laboratory (FSM) starting in 2001.

1.  What has happened in the depths of real Brazil on Sunday March 15, 2015, a day of antigovernment protests that brought over a million Brazilian people to the streets? The interpretations are maybe as many as the number of analysts trying to explain these facts which deeply branded the South American giant’s life and had great international impact.

2. The reason for the crowds having gone back to the streets, according to Datafolha research Institute, would be to protest against raging corruption (47%),  to demand president Dilma’s impeachment (27%), protest against the Labor Party,  the political party to which president Dilma belongs (20%) and reject the political class as a whole (14%).  Some envisioned, within the crowd that gained the streets, the germs of an embryonary cultural counterrevolution. 

3. Whatever it was, whatever the reason was, many street protesters seemed to be survivors who  deservedly resisted, for as long as almost last 15 years, to a neo-revolutionary mental war, biased and ideological germinated at the Porto Alegre Social World Forum laboratory (FSM) starting in 2001. For instance, it was in the promiscuity of the Porto Alegre Social World Forum, with the participation of tens of thousands of Brazil and Latin America’s activists, that the bases of Brazil PT, Partido dos Trabalhadores (Labor Party) were recycled, together with its effective allied “catholic left” and other leftist sources, to launch the project of a gradualist neo-Lula,  moderate in its strategy, although radical in its goals, which started to “lefticize” Brazil in the cultural plan, more than in the economical structures. It was due to this gradualistic strategy that a recycled Lula succeeded to raise to power in 2002, with the PT (Labor Party).

4. The new concepts of “transversality”, “interstitial revolution”, “diversity” and gender ideology, debated in the Porto Alegre FSM (Social World Forum), kept bit by bit being applied in Brazil to gradually revolutionize Brazilians’ mentalities, until then refractory to “leftism”, through a gigantic work of mental deconstruction.

5. Many articles published at the time by International Highlights reporters present in the 2001 FSM (Social World Forum) and in the following ones, describe the recycling process of the Brazilian leftist bases, in accordance to the new mental deconstruction strategies.

6. In spite of the FSM (Social World Forum ) plans implacably put in practice there were, in Brazil, those who resisted to this surge of “cultural” revolution, managed to survive psychologically and made their inconformity to emerge in the near past March 15 demonstrations. They are survivors and at the same time orphans, as there were almost no Brazilian significant leaders to denounce this population mental deconstruction process.

7. The March 15 street protests made not only the Brazilian government and its discredited Labor Party (PT), but also other region leftist governments, which are also at turns with no small troubles, to fear their own shadow.

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