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Book by Adolpho Lindenberg appeals to moral principles to provide true

direction for the economy

The Sao Paulo architect analyses the most vexing problems of the contemporary global economy by means of a firm defense of the market economy, based in free enterprise

SAO PAULO - "It is a dangerous illusion to think that economic reforms, although they be necessary, will be able to remedy all by themselves the serious evils which afflict society, for the contemporary crisis is essentially a moral one" said architect and builder Adolpho Lindenberg at the launching of his book "The Free Market in a Christian Society" in which he appeals to a revitalizing of moral principles and of good sense as a means to provide true direction to the economy and to society.

Lindenberg added that his book is not limited to taking a merely defensive and critical position, but that it hopes to make a "contribution to wake up the public, especially the youth, for an ardent desire for an authentically Christian order of things, contrary to the socialist legacy and the errors of the modern world." The author recalled the "fundamental importance that before was given to moral values, to traditions and good social customs, as well as good sense, ethics and the natural law," and said the defense of these values is not mere nostalgia, but is a matter of survival.

Throughout its 19 chapters, the book analyses the most delicate aspects of the contemporary global economy in accessible language, without academic pretension and without the intention to come up with definitive solutions to concrete problems, but making nonetheless a firm defense of the market economy, based upon the right to private property and free enterprise, which is opposed to the totalitarian concept of the State.

When Adolpho Lindenberg was asked about the idea of the "social agreement" presented by the president elect, Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, after explaining that the launching of his book in Brazil was a mere coincidence of dates with that of the referred to proposal, he said that no "agreement" will be fully successful if it leaves Christian principles aside. "Lula, in a meeting with syndicate members, just said he has good ears, that he is disposed to a healthy democratic debate, that he learned that people must not try to get solutions by using violence, and that he does not believe he holds the absolute truth in himself. In this sense, I hope my book will be a modest but loyal contribution so that Brazil may attain all the spiritual, cultural and economic richness for which it is called."

Besides the publication in Brazil, by Editora LTF and in Portugal by Editora Civilizacao, the book by Adolpho Lindenberg was also edited in English and Italian, and was launched both in Washington and Rome.

"The Free Market in a Christian Society" is available in (Search: Adolpho Lindenberg)