Sept. 27, 1999: EWTN Global Catholic Network -- Church News. Sept. 27, 1999: Noticias Eclesiales (NE)

Cuban faithful recall martyrs victims of communism

Miami, Sept. 27 1999 (NE) In a letter sent to Pope John Paul II, a group of exiled Cubans, gathering hundreds of signatures, expressed their desire to recall the witness of numerous Cuban martyrs victims of the communist regime in the Island. In their missive, they remember the Pope's last visit to Poland, where the Pontiff recalled the martyrs victims of the Second World War and communism.

"They are not very well-known martyrs, almost as unknown soldiers of the great cause of God. The time has arrived to remember all of these victims and offer them their deserved honors," they affirm in their message.

The letter, upon talking about Cuban reality, specially recalls "young people who in the first years of the communist revolution died under the firing squadron exclaiming 'Viva Cristo Rey!'" After that, explains the letter, the strategy of the communist party changed its aims, "encouraging apostasy and not martyrdom. At the same time, a heavy mantel of oblivion fell, within and outside Cuba, on those heroes of faith."

"For this reason -it continues-, we wish that the Church begins the process of canonization of our heroes of Faith, so that we could have them as official celestial intercessors in favor of our dear dying homeland." Through their letter, the exiled Cuban faithful express their confidence that the words of the Holy Father "will undoubtedly constitute a factor of perseverance for all those brothers in faith, living martyrs, today persecuted."


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