Communist Cuba and the Catholics:
The PCC lies!

Under the sheltering of lies, deceptions and complicities, the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) tries to revive and proposes to the world, a model of communo-catholic conjunction, an old dream of liberation theologians, that seemed it had been buried...

Recent statements from the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), suggesting that Dec. 25th would be from now on, a "holiday for Christians and non-Christians alike," shows openly - like few documents from the sinister history of the Cuban revolution - the lie, the fraud, the revolutionary doggedness, and the intention to save from disaster the failed communist regime, doing whatever is necessary to manipulate international opinion.
The wide-world repercussion of such a statement from the PCC to the media and the benevolent interpretation of such a declaration made by some high eclesiastic personalities, makes the "Comisión de Estudios por la Libertad de Cuba," elaborate in some points, as a duty of consciousness.

The Cuban Communist Party (PCC) purposely lies when it says that "the Cuban revolution never was known to have an anti-religious spirit." From the beginning of the revolution, during its first years, the communist regime openly showed its anti-Catholic sentiment, by cruelly oustering hundreds of priests and religious congregations, closing churches, catholic schools and Universities, harassing and persecuting the faithful until it converted them into exiles in their own country.
The PCC lies when it boasts that the Cuban revolution "like no other," prides itself with "a clean page of violence or repression for religious purposes." Besides the historic facts just mentioned, it is well known by all the Cubans, that such a "page" supposedly "clean," is bathed by the Cuban catholic youth's blood that were taken to the firing wall, where they heroically died like martyrs clamoring "Viva Cristo Rey, Abajo El Comunismo!" (Hail to Christ the King, Down With Communism!).That "page" supposedly "clean" is tarnished by the painful fate of faithful and religious Catholics, that were sent to concentration camps, thrown together with the common criminals and morally depraved; as well as priests who were objects themselves of blackmail and were savagely hit by members of the PCC, according to the memories written while in jail by Father Miguel Angel Loredo, him being a victim during 10 years of tortures under Castro's prisons. That page supposedly "clean" but in reality darkened and wretched like so few in our present history, it is indelibly marked by serious and irrefutable acts of religious persecution against the defenseless flock... (cfr. J. Clark, Cuba: mito y realidad, Miami-Caracas, 1990).

* The PCC, in its vain attempt to paint the anti-religious face, tries to hide with one hand, what the other has written in its ideological programs and propaganda manuals. In them, it has confessed without any qualm, its goal to innoculate in the people "the materialistic-scientific concept of the world;" describing as an ideological objective "the exaltation of the religious" and of the "religious prejudices" of the unfortunate Cuban people, and presenting as a strategy, the need to detect in the people any "reanimation of believes," to better neutralize them, fight them and eradicate them (cfr.Programa del Partido Comunista de Cuba, Editora Política, La Habana, 1986;La propaganda y su papel en el trabajo ideológico del Partido, Editora Política, La Habana, 1983).

* The PCC, if it truly wishes to adhere to History in religious matters, should quote Castro himself when in the mid 60's, in a speech given at the University of Havana, launched the perverse strategy of creating apostates and not martyrs: "We will not commit the historic mistake of plowing the way of Christian martyrs, for we know very well that it was precisely the martyrdom itself, what gave strenght to the church. We will create apostates, thousands of apostates."(cfr. J. Clark, op.cit, idem).

* The PCC once again untruthfully cites supposedly advantages for Catholics, included in article 8 of the present Cuban constitution-"the State acknowledges, respects and guarantees religious freedom."-and at the same time, it omits the uncomfortable statement in article 62 of the Constitution, where it prohibits freedom to be expressed "against the existence and goals of the socialistic State," and it threatens the catholic faithful by advising them that the "infringement" of that "principle" is "punishable."

* The PCC in this way, deliberately hides its fraudulent religious politics, so that it can cynically affirm that the suspension of Christmas as a holiday for almost 30 years, was not the result of any "anti-religious feeling," but instead because the sugar crop was priority, (priority that, it must be said, no other Latin American or Caribbean country, no matter how poor they were, never cancelled this pious celebration of the birth of the Divine Child Jesus).

* The PCC makes clear its revolutionary stubborness, when it points to "the Marxist character" of the Cuban political system, bragging that it will be "undestructible;" and it adds, how sorrowful!; that its prestige will grow thanks to its numerous international backing, particularly those coming from the eclesiastical sectors. Backings nevertheless unexplainable, specially after the recent denouncement made by Human Rights Watch, that shows that after the papal visit to Cuba, the regime escalated the persecution and the harassment against opponents, resisting any type of political changes, to free hundreds of political prisoners, and also those of conscience, and resist also to reform the Penal Code.

* The PCC insults Catholics, when it exalts blasphemously, a supposedly "deep" "revolutionary feeling" that the Gospel has, pretending to ignore the traditional teaching of the Magistracy of the Church, which it affirms that communism is intrinsically perverse, and it is inadmissible any type of cooperation with it, in any front. (Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris). Pretending to ignore such a doctrine, the Political
Bureau of the PCC and its advisers on eclesiastical matters, know that it is wise and unchangeable, it bothers them profoundly, and they consider its existance, the main obstacle to the communist plots. This explains why the statement of the PCC assails frantically against those who would use "the religious feelings as a counter-revolutionary end," accusing them of "treacherously" using "dirty and unscrupulous methods..."
It was necessary to reach this chaotic ending of the millenium, so that the anti-Communists would listen from the Marxists' mouths, because of our faithfulness to the Church, the epithet "treacherous" nevertheless describes with such precision the revolutionaries: unfaithful, traitors, disloyals, of bad faith, according to the dictionary.

* The PCC paints with dramatic colors, in a self-interest way, the scenario of a world that is going towards "an unprecedent catastrophe'" in which it will be playing an important role in the "survival" of the human race. At the same time, the declaration of the PCC suggests that Cuba could be a social lab, in which it would germinate a sui generis communo-catholic conjunction, that will make dreams come true of utopias from the liberation theologians of today, apparently defeated (as apparently defeated are the remnants of the International Communism, strategically caught in waiting for favorable conditions) sui generis conjunction, in that the Cuban Communist Party, opening its doors "to the believers, would offer an alternative that would welcome "all men of good will," ready to work side by side with communism, supposedly "for the good of mankind..." Conjunction sui generis, at last, that will try to save from the shipwreck, the presumed achievements of a bankrupt regime, for which it will not lack quantitative financial help coming from International governmental and eclesiastical agencies.

By its written lines and interdiction, and for its strategic-publicitary scope, this declaration of the PCC is comparable in importance, under certain aspects, to the fraudulent book Fidel and Religion-Conversations with Fray Betto(1985).

Regarding the previously exposed, the Comisión de Estudios Por la Libertad de Cuba, calls to all Catholics on the island, in exile and around the world- to open their eyes and categorically refuse such propagandistic maneuvers that tend to project, from the ruins of a Marxist Cuba, a supposedly communo-christian alternative, paving its way toward the XXI century, specially for the so called developing countries.
It is in this context, why it explains the enormous interest demonstrated by dictator Castro, in a possible stop in the prison-island, of the airplane that will take H.H. John Paul II to Rome, returning from Mexico and the United States in Jan, 1999.

Sergio de Paz Enrique J. Canton


Comisión de Estudios Por la Libertad de Cuba


Miami, 8 de diciembre de 1998, Fiesta de la Inmaculada Concepción

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