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Latin America:

“Unperceived Ideological Transshipment”

and political exorcism

In Americas present political and religious conjuncture, the publishing of the book “Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue”, written by Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira, may become a kind of political exorcism to shake important sectors of the population out of the psychological spell to which they are subjected.


The communist ideology instilled along decades from Moscow and spread into Latin America through Cuba, only got direct and full adhesion of a minority, mainly composed by intellectuals. However, the communist ideals never had this full adhesion degree of the majorities.


To overcome this problem, the communist theoreticians developed the “Unperceived Ideological Transshipment” strategy, a persuasive action in the subconscious of people, through the talismanic word “dialogue”.


The communist leaders, with this talismanic technique, along the years succeeded in obtaining awesome results. The former communist aggressors, many of which ex-guerrillas, reached power positions in important and iconic Latin American countries. Through this “Unperceived Ideological Transshipment” they went through a metamorphosing process, gradually changing from cruel aggressors to “almost innocent” victims.


The dictator Raul Castro’s political and media virtual “crowning”, during recent Panama Summit, by President Obama and his Americas peers, as well as the unbelievable “dialogue” of Colombia government with the Colombian narcotics guerrillas, seem to be, in a political plan, the latest paradigmatic examples of the results obtained by the communists through the “unperceived ideological transshipment”.


Other important examples could be given in the religious field. Regarding this, we mention a recent article by Armando Valladares, legendary former political prisoner and former ambassador of the United States at UNO, titled “The Obama-Francis Axis: Cuba, Sleights-of-Hand, and Confusion” (International Highlight, January 04, 2015,, where it is shown in a respectful however firm way the pontiff Francis astonishing collaboration with the continent movement to the left.


This “unperceived ideological transshipment” strategy, though the talismanic word “dialogue”, has been minutely described and denounced exactly 50 years ago by Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira in a book which deservedly could be defined as clairvoyant: “Unperceived ideological transshipment and dialogue”. The publishing of this book and its theses may become in the present conjuncture a kind of political exorcism to shake the Americas out of the psychological spell to which important sectors of the population are subjected.


We offer this book’s complete text for free, in PDF format, in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian and German.

Link to download the book for free in Spanish, with an interesting introduction related to Chile and the Catholics situation in 1985: Trasbordo ideológico inadvertido y diálogo

Link to download the complete text in Portuguese, with the editors interesting introduction regarding the reasons why Plinio Correa de Oliveira has been one of the most fought contemporary personalities and at the same time most silenced: Baldeação ideológica inadvertida e diálogo

Link to download the book for free in English: Unperceived ideological transshipment and dialogue

Link to download the book for free in Italian: Trasbordo ideologico inavvertito e Dialogo

Link to download the book for free in German: Unbemerkte ideologische Umwandlung und DIALOG 

Link to download for free thousands or articles written by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on contemporary political and religious issues:

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