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Panamá – Cuba: A summit of shame and absurdity

At the very moment of his  “crowning”, the Cuban despot Raúl Castro involuntarily made visible, between the lines, that his empire and his main ideological allies, in spite of the publicity that favors leftist regimes, are not able to hide their fragile clay feet.


On April 10 and 11 the 7th Summit of the Americas was held in Panamá, with the participation of 35 presidents and heads of State. This leaders meeting will be remembered as the Summit of shame and absurdity, where Cuba communist regime and its present dictator were openly applauded, while 11 million Cubans go on suffering oppression and misery at the prison island.  Not a word was also spoken with regards to the Venezuelan people, who suffer under the yoke of a Pro-Cuban government.


 It is painfully necessary to recognize that it hardly would be possible to get so far regarding to pro-Castro ideas, without the high-ranking endorsement given by Pope Francisco to the Obama and Castro diplomatic approximation (ref. Armando Valladares, “The Obama-Francis ‘Axis’: Cuba, Sleights-of-Hand, and Confusion”, January 04, 2015; in this said article, the former Cuban politic prisoner states: “It is extremely painful to say it, but the boot with which Castro continues to crush Cubans on the island, now has a high-ranking endorsement; unfortunately, the statements, deeds and gestures of Francis favor the oppression of the Cuban people and a leftward shift in Latin America”; and Mr. Valladares concluded: “In this regard we might be faced with a pontificate marked by confusion and even chaos, with disturbing consequences for the political, social and Christian future of the Americas”).


Exiled Cubans and Venezuelan opponents made their presence in Panama and manifested their just indignation.  María Corina Machado, Venezuelan opposition leader, reputed the dignitaries’ attitude as “cruel indifference” towards Cubans and Venezuelans suffering.


María Werlau, Cuban exile, Miami University professor, at the event “The other face of the coin” held at Panama city, has been adamant: “Unfortunately, this Summit serves as an unreal display for Cuban dictatorship, that not only enjoys impunity, but, what is worse, is applauded, while instills its venomous hegemony throughout the region”. Werlau classified as a “colossal shame” that the Americas’ chiefs of State accepted to participate in the “Cuban dictator crowning” and that the one who “crowns him” is President Obama, of a country, the United States, which “not long ago was the main defendant of liberty”.    


Cuban regime even displaced the so called “rapid response brigade” members to Panama, who have attacked Cuban opposition members. In one of the videos broadcasted by the “El Nuevo Herald”, it could be seen the Cuban colonel Alexis Frutos Weeden attacking Cuban exiles at a Panama City square. As per “El Nuevo Herald” information, Frutos Weeden is a high Cuban intelligence officer, who has managed for decades Cuba espionage operations in several Latin America countries and, according to exile ex-officers who knew him closely, today probably is the most influent Cuban regime person acting in Venezuela.


Dictator Raúl Castro, in his “coronation” speech, that lasted for 40 insulting minutes, in spite of the 8 minutes limit for each Chief of State, remained irreducible in his “socialism perfecting” and “consolidation of the conquers” of the dreadful communist revolution projects


Symptomatically, dictator Castro, in the same phrase where recognized Brazil president Dilma Roussef regional “contribution” to the revolutionary cause, included an allusion to the “offensive against several region leftist governments” presently taking place. With this, he seemed to make clear how much the communist regime worries not only about the political and economical disasters of Venezuela and Argentina pro Castro governments, but specially about the fragility of the populist model of gigantic Brazil, that is facing strong popular resistance. So, at the very moment of his “crowning”, the Cuban dictator involuntarily made visible, even more between the lines than in the lines, that his ideological empire, including his main allies, in spite of the marketing and publicity that favor leftists regimes, cannot hide their fragile clay feet.  


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