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Honduras-Cuba: Political Kerenskyism and Ecclesiastic Kerenskyism

Apart from the intentions of their players, both the political and the ecclesiastic Kerenskyism are right now forming the two teeth of the same jaws used against the cause of freedom not only in Honduras and Cuba, but also in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador

By Armando F. Valladares, August 24, 2009, 13:30 h.

1. Central America and Caribbean are living up one of the most paradoxical situations of their whole history: while the "political Kerenskyism" tries by all means to void anti-Communist Honduras and push it down to the Chávez Abyss, the "ecclesiastic Kerenskyism" extends its hand to Communist Cuba to perpetuate the Castro quagmire.

2. An important US ecclesiastic commission headed by "moderate" Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston, and formed by Monsignor Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando, Florida, Monsignor Oscar Cantu, Bishop of San Antonio, Texas, Father Andrew Small, in charge of the American episcopate for the relationships with the Latin American and Caribbean church, as well as by Father Jonathan Gaspar, have just made a long visit to prison-island Cuba from August 17 thru 21.

3. Since their arrival in the prison-island, the high prelates asked President Obama about his promise for a "new beginning" in the US relations with Communist Cuba; they added that Obama is being "too slow" in keeping that promise of reconciliation with the regime and recommended "not to waste the opportunity" to ban the so called US economic embargo. No surprise Granma, official medium of the Cuban Communist Party, presented that news in an almost euphoric way (refer to Granma, Cuba, August 19, 2009). At the same time, Radio Vaticana, quoting the Secretary of the Bishops' Conference of Cuba, Monsignor Juan de Dios Hernández, as the source, emphasized the "friendly and cordial climate" of the meeting of the high prelates with Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Communist parliament, highlighting the "strong cordiality" and "brotherly dialog" (refer to Radio Vaticana, August 22, 2009, Italian edition, www.oecumene.radiovaticana.org) between the Pastors and the representative of the wolves.

Cardinal O'Malley, who unveiled he has been traveling to Cuba for 20 years, almost saw miracles in the relations among the Cuban church hierarchy and the Cuban dictators, saying that there is a "remarkable improvement", but then was rather silent on the continuation of the psychological, political and police-like persecution against Catholics abandoned by their pastors, and against the people in general (refer to Associated Press, August 18, 2009).

Monsignor Wenski, a member of the international political commission of the US Catholic bishops, explicitly asked the end of the external American embargo, without a word on the Cuban problem's root cause, which is the implacable internal embargo that has extended for more than a half century against the Cuban people (refer to Associated Press, idem, ibidem). The high prelate also invoked "freedom", not precisely for the catholic believers and the slaved people, but for an interchange between Cuba and the United States, something the regime is counting on, not to economically succumb. At last, Monsignor Wenski also wished that "both parties", the US government and the Communist regime, would reach understanding and conciliation, completing that they ought to "listen to their best angels" (refer to Granma, idem, ibidem.).

4. Who would ever be the "angels" of the Cuba Communist tyrants, whom Monsignor Wenski so naively invokes as shining mediators, if one considers that Pope Pius XI, in his famous "Divini Redemptoris" Encyclical, qualified communism not just as "intrinsically evil", but also "Satan's scourge"?

5. Anyway, we are living up one of the most unfortunate episodes of Communist-Catholic collaboration with an ecclesiastic-Kerenskyism face which, on the US side, recalls the travels to Cuba of "conservative" Cardinals Law, of Boston, and O'Connor, of New York, with their interviews with Dictator Castro and their later flattering declarations regarding the tyrant. It is all part of a series of facts that were chronologically narrated and duly documented in a book published by exiled Cubans and that is now reaching its greatest updating (refer to Two Decades of Progressive Communist-Catholic Nearness at the Caribbean Prison-Island", Exiled Cubans, Miami-New York, 1990).

6. The ecclesiastic Kerenskyism pretends to ignore the Cuban problem's root cause, which is the implacable "internal embargo" of the Communist regime against all Cuban people, thus deviating the attention and criticism on one of the effects of the Communist regime instauration at the prison-island, the so-called "external embargo". That is the gloomy scenario of the pastors who strengthen the wolves and leave the sheep hungry and helpless.

7. By the same token, the political Kerenskyism pretends to ignore the Honduran root cause of the problem, the stubborn institutional actions of ousted president Zelaya to 'Chavezize' Honduras with populist elections at the margin of the Constitution, the laws and the poll system, for enabling them to perpetuate in power and enforce the so called "21st Century Socialism", which is nothing but a replacement of the dieing Castro-Communist regime.

The recent report on Honduras by OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), that has just visited that country, is the latest example of a long succession of partialities, marked by two raging weights and measures that merge into a moral lack of prestige mostly to OAS and the governments of countries that are prone for those maneuvers. If the IACHR members recognize ousted president Zelaya as a legitimate president, that is one more reason for analyzing honestly and impartially not just the alleged violations of rights by the present government, but also to signalize the problem's root cause, which is in the unconstitutional attitudes of Zelaya, the truly great responsible for the crossroad Honduras is at, as well as, by the same token, why dictators like Castro are the true responsible for the Cuban tragedy.

I am writing this article a few hours before the arrival of a commission of chancellors and in a moment when the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras has issued an important manifest wherein, among other aspects, it states that, the "application of San José Plan can only be done if complying with the national legislation"; and it warns that any judgments based on acts against the regime, treason against the country, abuse of authority and usurpation of functions must be completed or else "it would be an authentic nonsense that the search and building of agreements in a state of right are carried out by violating or putting aside the Constitution and the law " (refer to El Heraldo, Tegucigalpa, August 22, 2009).

8. Apart from the intentions of their players, both the political and the ecclesiastic Kerenskyism are right now forming the two teeth of the same jaws used against the cause of freedom not just in Honduras and Cuba but also in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. By the same token, the so called "axle of evil" has only succeeded in Latin America thanks to the complacency and support, at times implicit and at times explicit, of the "Kerenskyism axle", or the "axle of the moderation" by Obamas, Insulzas, Arias and Lulas.

9. Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky (1881-1970), a "moderate socialist", was Russia's last president before the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917, who prepared the taking of power by Communism with its politics of concessions and, according to some historians, of treasons.

The specter of Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky seems to have recommenced to round up the Americas, where it has been periodically roaming since it has "embodied" Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva, who has paved the way to Allendean Communism and thus passed to history with the well-deserved stigma of "Chilean Kerenskyism" stamped indelibly on his forehead. I had the chance to describe an aspect of that delicate problem in a recent article, "Obama Kerenskyism, Honduras and the Chávez Abyss" (refer to Diario Las Américas, Miami, USA, July 24, 2009; El Heraldo de Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 23, 2009; Destaque Internacional, Internet, July 21, 2009; a news story reproduced and spread out over the Web in several languages, including Lithuanian, with the help of a spontaneous network covering thousands of blogs, twitters, Facebooks, Orkuts and webpages of more than 30 countries, especially of Brazil).

10. However, the specter of Kerensky wanders in other important governments and chancelleries of the Americas which, depending on the circumstances, may become a reason for forthcoming indicting articles, all deemed required no matter what, although invariably written in a respectful tone and duly documented. Let us hope the Lord helps up and strengthen the defenders of freedom in Honduras, Cuba and the rest of the Americas but, right now, at this crucial moment, especially Hondurans, providing them with a hundred fold the spirit that supported David in his unbalanced fight against Goliath.

Armando Valladares, a former Cuban political prisoner, was ambassador of the United States with the UN Commission on Human Rights, in Geneva, during the Reagan and Bush administrations. He has just been granted an important journalism award in Rome for his articles on behalf of freedom in Cuba and in the whole world. Emails to: armandovalladares2006 @ yahoo.es