Cuba: Brutal aggression against Martha Beatriz Roque

On April 25, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, leader of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba, was beaten and dragged through the floor inside her home by a mob of Castro's regime political police intent on preventing her from leaving the house to participate in an important teleconference meeting.

Following, in her own words, is the testimony of Martha Beatriz Roque given to radio station WAQI via telephone from Cuba, immediately after the brutal aggression occurred:

"...I have received so many punches, they punched me in the eye, a strong man punched me in the eye and my eye almost popped out...they punched my face, they knocked me down and dragged me, they kicked me...they wanted to finish me off...I am saying this to you in Miami so that you know the difficult situation under which we are living...only because I was going to Parmly's house to attend a reception, a teleconference, and from the first moment they did not allow my niece to enter my house, from the first moment, this is a very difficult situation, very difficult; the international community must do something because we can not continue to endure these humiliations, we can not continue much longer to endure this lack of basic freedoms, really this is an unsustainable situation, I wish that you could see my face, that you could see my body, I was wearing white and my clothes are torn and dirty from the dragging through the floor. I urge you to take notice and do something for us, for all those suffering repression within the island...I can not continue speaking, truly, I can not continue talking..."

In subsequent declarations, the activist stated that her neighbors were not part of the mob, and that all were unknown people to her, with the exception of a woman that the political police installed in a next door apartment, who also punched her. While being dragged and beaten, Martha Beatriz courageously shouted: Down with Fidel!

After you hear this Cuban woman's urgent call, could you act in solidarity to stop these human rights violations from being perpetrated against Cuban pro-democracy activists?

You have the last word. You can make a difference. You can raise your voice. Denounce this repression to democratic governments, international human rights organizations and the press. The oppressed Cuban people need your solidarity!

For more information:

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello - (537-406-821 in Havana, Cuba)

mbroque1712 @

Sylvia G. Iriondo, Madres y Mujeres Anti Represión (M.A.R.) - (305)-361-6800

Mario Martínez - (954)-547-8472