Cuban Memorial: Request for compassion and prayers for the Victims of Communism

The support we request is strictly of a spiritual nature, this type of assistance is at everyone's reach and it's the most valuable before the eyes of God.

Dear Friends:

We need your invaluable help to rescue from oblivion more than 10,000 Cubans who died as victims of the communist regime and whose deaths have been thoroughly documented. Your assistance is strictly spiritual in nature, at everyone's reach and, without a doubt, most valuable before the eyes of God.

Next February 18-20, 2005 at Tamiami Park in Miami, Florida, in the United States, volunteers from different countries will organize for a third consecutive year the Cuban Memorial, which consists of more than 10,000 white crosses, each inscribed with the name of a victim of the Cuban communist regime. Exiled families of those assassinated who were unable to say their last good-bye to their loved ones and prohibited from visiting their gravesites, will be able to do so now.

A gigantic wooden cross painted in white will be placed in the center of this area to symbolically remember all those who died victims of the Cuban Communist regime, with no verifiable information available of their deaths. This cross will be named:  The Cross of "the Unknown Decedent".

How can you become a part of this prayer crusade and pay spiritual homage? Simply, by sending a message of support, requesting a mass or religious service or by organizing, with your family or colleagues at work, a moment of joint prayer, etc. We ask that these masses or religious services are set aside, if possible, on the 18th , 19th or the 20th of February. Thus, all around the world on these days, prayers will be said for the eternal rest of these souls. Please request them on behalf of the "victims of the Cuban genocide under communism."

Many of these victims were young Cubans who were sent before firing squads proclaiming "Hail Christ the King!"

Please confirm, as soon as possible, your valuable support (all messages will become part of the historical patrimony of the Cuban Memorial)

May all men and women of good will worldwide who read and adhere to this message be richly rewarded on this earth by Divine Providence.

Faithfully yours,

Renato Gómez

General Coordinator

Cuban Memorial Organizing Committee / Tel. + (786) 621-7505

Post Script:

Please, also include in your prayers those men, women, and children who drowned in the Florida Straits in their attempt to obtain freedom. Most of their names are unknown and reliable sources estimate the numbers of Cubans trying to escape and who lost their lives at sea to be in the thousands.

Finally, pray for the all political prisoners agonizing in Cuban jails, such as the pro-life physician Dr. Oscar E. Biscet, Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antúnez" and thousands others detained for advocating justice and freedom.

The dissemination of this e-mail is the exclusive responsibility of the humanitarian agency Rights Without Borders (RWB) - Derechos Sin Fronteras (DSF)