Brazil: TFP's interpellation to the presidential candidates

The entity realises that the "huge majority of the moderate and conservative sectors of the population" are only allowed to choose between "merely leftist options " and requires that both candidates make their clear political definition as far as the Family and the Private Property are concerned.

SÃO PAULO, 18-10-02 (LBN) - The non-governmental organisation TFP - Tradição, Família, Propriedade (Tradition, Family and Property) - has addressed a written message to the presidential candidates José Serra (PSDB) and Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) which states that "the huge majority of the moderate and conservative sectors of the" Brazilian people, "impelled to vote, as a consequence of the electoral law that makes the vote mandatory", is confined to choose between "markedly leftist options ". For that reason, the T.F.P. expresses its "apprehension and reservations" in view of the possibility that " the future President of Brazil may impose politics and governing laws that could seriously attempt against God's Commandments " - in particular in what concerns the Christian Family and the private property (TFP: tel. 55-11- 2218755).

And the document adds: "one of the essential conditions for a genuine democratic regime is based on the programmatic definition of the candidates", but, " unfortunately, in many aspects of crucial relevance the current electoral process has been characterised, not by the transparency of attitudes but by the ideological lack of definition and even for confusion ". In face of this, the entity - mainly formed by catholic layman - whose action is accomplished in the temporal sphere "under the exclusive responsibility of its members"- addresses the candidates a 10-question inquiry that could clarify "the scepticism and which are arising among the "huge conservative sector of the Brazilian population" whose vote will be crucial in October, 27.

Among other questions, the TFP requests that the candidates Serra and Lula da Silva take a clear position concerning either their support or disapproval of legislation that would authorise the "homosexual marriage" and sanction the abortion law, in both circumstances, condemned by the doctrine of the Catholic Church; if they will restrain or allow the "occupancy of land and further criminal activities promoted by the MST; if they intend to further fostering the agrarian-demagogic and socialist egalitarianism, promoting the Agrarian Reform; if they will allow or refuse the Brazilian citizens the right to purchase and use self-defence weapons; if they intend to apply the socialist and confiscatory-shaped Urban Reform; if, once elected, they will commit themselves to "denounce the violations to freedom and the ideological and religious persecutions accomplished by the Communist regime " of the dictator Castro, etc.

Lastly, this document remarks the "enigmatic silence" of the majority of the Bishops and the Brazilian clergyman, regarding "those matters of crucial importance for the Christian future of our Nation".

Upon the closure of this edition, the presidential candidates Lula and Serra hadn't yet replied our agency's communication expressing their opinion.

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