Oct. 12, 2002: Diario Las Américas, Miami (FL) (translation from original in Spanish)

Leftists prepare revenge in the Americas, denounces Union of Former Cuban Political Prisoners

To consolidate Fidel Castro dictatorship and to assure the victory of the leftist Lula, in Brazil, are two goals that may drag the continent to chaos, warn the former Cuban political prisoners; they invite to think about a recent speech presented by the Czech president Vaclav Havel, in Miami, Florida where he describe the communist’s capability to use deceit as "one of their most diabolical instruments"

NEW JERSEY (DI)- "The ‘Left’ of the three Americas prepare their greatest revenge, after the fall of the Soviet empire, trying to consolidate the communist regime in Cuba and trying to obtain the victory of the pro-Castro candidate Lula da Silva in Brazil. Two goals which could, short term, drag other Latin American countries to chaos and that could also isolate the United States" stated leaders of the Union of Cuban Ex-Political Prisoners, North Zone during a press conference.

The former Cuban political prisoners pointed out that certain Representatives, Governors and North American business leaders, in a maneuver that they described as "unscrupulous", are traveling to Cuba to offer a financial and political "life preserver" to the communist dictator Fidel Castro, trying to assure a dangerous survival of that regime in the America’s flank, only 100 miles of the North American coasts.

Regarding the electoral situation in Brazil, the former Cuban political prisoners manifested their concern with the clear pro-Castro position of the presidential candidate Mr.Lula da Silva, whose advisers, according to the Brazilian press, may be trying to transfer the presidential inauguration for the new president from the 1st.of January to January 6. The principal objective is to make it possible for Fidel Castro to travel to Brazil. The former Cuban political prisoners further manifested their distrust of Mr. Lula’s "new image", that of a moderate. They explained that Fidel Castro used similar methods in order to gain power, including the use of Cuba’s Virgin of Charity's medals and rosaries hanging from his neck.

Furthermore, the former Cuban political prisoners called upon the North Americans, Brazilians, Cubans and all other inhabitants of the Americas, to think about the recent speech by Vaclav Havel, the president of the Czech Republic, in Miami, at the International University of Florida. He reminded us about the bitter fruits of communism, and denounced the manipulation of the language, with the use of talisman words as "one of the most diabolical instruments for subjugating some people and fooling others".

"It is a language full of subterfuge, ideological jargon,meaningless phrases and stereotypical figures of speech. To people who have not seen through its mendacity or who have never had to live in a world manipulated by it, this language can appear very attractive. At the same time, in others, this very same language can evoke fear and horror and force them into permanent state of dissimulation."

In the current context of the Americas, few words can better serve in providing such warning, concluded the former Cuban political prisoners.

The Union of Cuban Ex-Political Prisoners may be contacted via: tel. 201-867-6211; or fax 201-319-0506.

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