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Cubans in exile manifest deep surprise

by Powell’s praises of dictator Castro

Declaration of the Commission of Studies for the Freedom of Cuba, Miami, Fl.

For those in the world longing for the prompt liberation of Cuba from the communist oppression, it is a motive of satisfaction that the Secretary of State Colin Powell, in recent declarations before a subcommittee of the House of Representatives, has defined the continuation of the sanctions towards Havana's regime, and criticized dictator Castro for exporting to Latin America during 42 years," revolution and insurgencies," trying "to impose a system that was not a system of freedom, a system contrary to that of freedom."

But at the same time it causes profound surprise the statement of the Secretary of State, that the vengeful tyrant of the Antilles, "has done good things for the Cuban people" in matter of health and education. In effect, just as it is stated in the Cuban Constitution, in the Code of Children and Youth, in other legal documents and in manuals of Cuban medicine, the education and health are used in the island-prison as implacable instruments of ideological, mental and psychological control of the unfortunate citizens.

The Gospel reminds us that a bad tree will never bear good fruits. How then can the Cuban communist system, inspired in an intrinsically evil doctrine, produce any benefit for its people?

Finally, we must respectfully disagree with the affirmation of the Secretary of State that Fidel Castro "is no longer the threat he was 12 years ago." In effect, the protagonist role of the emissaries of communist Cuba in the recent World Social Forum, that took place in Brazil, demonstrated that from Havana they still pull the strings of continental subversion, in close alliance with the communist narco-guerrillas from Colombia, and other revolutionaries from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.

Miami, April 28, 2001

Sergio F. de Paz Dr. Enrique J. Canton


Commission of Studies for the Freedom of Cuba