Enero 21, 2001: Diario Las Américas, Miami

Cuba: Pro-Life Leader

Suffers Tortures in Communist Prison

On the third anniversary of H.H. John Paul II visit to communist Cuba, an important message to the Most Reverend Cardinal Bernard Law letters@bostonpilot..org,infonet@workmail.com , Chairman of the NCCB Committee for Pro-Life Activities; as well as to the organizers and participants of the 28th March for Life (Washington D.C., January 22, 2001) on behalf of Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet, persecuted for denouncing the massive abortion thechniques carried out in the island.

January 21, 1998 recalled the third anniversary of H.H. John Paul II trip to Cuba. The cruel and unjust imprisonment of Cuban physician, pro-life leader, president of the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, and prisoner of conscience Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, is a symbol of the escalating, unprecedented repression the island is experiencing at present, frustrating the papal hope that Cuba should open itself to the world.

On February 1998, shortly after H.H. John Paul II left Cuba, Dr. Biscet was prohibited from practicing medicine and was expelled from the Cuban National Health System for denouncing massive abortion techniques taking place in all maternity hospitals in Cuba as a form of genocide. Since then, Dr. Biscet was arbitrarily detained 26 times and declared prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. On November 1999 he was incarcerated and subsequently condemned to three years in prison, a sentence he serves at "Cuba Sí", a maximum security prison located in Holguin province where he is suffering constant physical and mental torture. ("Cuba Si" Prison telephone number: 011-5324-424342 - direct from USA)

Mons. Eduardo Boza Masvidal, ex-auxiliary bishop of Havana, expelled from the island by the Cuban regime has denounced that: "Out of every ten unborn babies, six are aborted, a proportion considered the highest in the western hemisphere and, perhaps, in the entire world."

As religious and political persecution increases in Cuba, prominent world leaders, including those in religious circles, keep an enigmatic silence over an ongoing drama surpassing 40 years.

We hereby make a fervent appeal to his Excellency, Cardinal Bernard Law, Archbishop of Boston and Chairman of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee for Pro-Life Activities, as well as to the organizers and participants of the 28th Pro-Life March, to give an example to the entire world by raising their voices in favor of Oscar Elias Biscet, persecuted for denouncing abortion statistics and techniques implemented by Cuba’s communist regime and to press on for the freedom of 12 million Cubans.

Washington DC, January 22, 2001

Sergio F. de Paz – Dr. Enrique J. Cantón

Comisión de Estudios por la Libertad de Cuba

URGENT ACTION! On behalf of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet request intercession of his Excellency:

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