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Cuba: Communists destroy Crucifix and beat a Devout Catholic

LA HABANA, March 17, 2001 (DI) – Members of the Department of Religious

Matters of the Communist Party in Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, violently

invaded the house of Elena Macías, a devout Catholic, physically assaulting

her, destroying an image of Jesus Christ and throwing the pieces of the

destroyed image at her face. "This is one of the most savage anti-Catholic

acts that has taken place in the recent history of Cuba" said reporters from

the "Agencia Católica de Informaciones (ACI)" (Catholic Information Agency).

Another devout Catholic, Maritza Lugo Fernández, in a message she managed to

leak out from the women’s prison "Manto Negro" (Black Cloak), accuses "the

imposed dictatorial government in Cuba and its repressive branch, the State

Security, for the injustices and abuses they commit against the Cuban people,

against the penal population and very specifically against the political

prisoners and prisoners of conscience." "I accuse the cowards and

miserables who, through the use of force, commit all kinds of human rights

violations, while nothing stops them as they attempt to defend a false

revolution built and maintained on a foundation of lies and infamy", added

Mrs. Lugo, deemeded a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.

Radio Vaticano denounced the continuing denial of spiritual guidance to

political prisoners in Cuban jails, citing the case of Arturo Suárez Ramos, a

Catholic, who was held in jail in Havana's "Combinado del Este". During Pope

John Paul II's visit to Cuba in January of 1998, the pontiff unsuccessfully

interceded before the communist regime seeking his freedom. Upon his return

from Cuba, Monsignor Flavio Roberto Carraro, Bishop of Verona and President

of the Commission for the Evangelization of Towns, of the Italian Episcopal

Conference, declared to the newpaper "Avennire" that "the situation of the

Church in Cuba is of suffering", referring to a confidential document from

the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Havana wherein instructions

are given to destroy latent religious sentiment in many Cubans and,

expressions such as "despapar" (taking the Pope out of) Cuba are used in the