The World Movement for Democracy

before the Communist dilemma:

an unavoidable challenge

Note: The present message (original in Spanish) counts with the adhesion by Cuban political opponent Maritza Lugo Fernandez, who was invited by the World Movement for Democracy to assist to its second Assembly, but was denied to attend by the Havana regime. Such an adhesion was confirmed by telephone communication on November 8, 2000: "I support it 100% as a political opponent, as Catholic and as a woman." The other Cuban guest invited to the Assembly of WMD, Marcos Lázaro Torres, has been detained by the State Security.

Message to the honorable participants to the

Second Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy (WMD)

São Paulo, Brazil, November 12-15, 2000

In the Third Millennium of the Christian Era which now begins, totalitarian Communism continues to be a scourge of mankind and a real threat to world peace. Communism -with its doctrine which is diametrically opposed to the Commandments of the Law of God and on account of its cruelty, was denounced as a "Satanic whip," and as "intrinsically perverse" (Pope Pius XI, encyclical letter "Divini Redemptoris")- murdered 100 million victims in the Twentieth Century, and even today enslaves 1.3 billion people in China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea and Laos.

Through the narco-guerrillas and with the support of Havana, Communism today bleeds Colombia and encourages revolutionary movements in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, etc. Today it is in the process of reorganization in Russia and several Eastern European countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning a visit to Communist Cuba. The purpose of this trip is to tighten political and economic bonds with Havana, with the purpose of reviving past Soviet Union agreements. These are the very agreements that served to promote and finance Communist revolution, starting in Cuba and spreading throughout numerous nations of Latin America and Africa.

In the face of this threat which, like a spiritual AIDS threatens to contaminate the Third Millennium, there is an unavoidable challenge to the honorable participants to the Second Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, that meet under the theme "Confronting the Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century". Will they take a stand against the Communist regimes that systematically and with utter impunity violate the Founding Statements of the World Movement for Democracy? Or will they settle for the easy way out, opting for a Pontius Pilate attitude?

The greatest and best efforts in the name of freedom would become sterile if they don't affront this crucial problem. The recent Millennium Summit, held in New York this past month of September with the presence of over more than 150 foreign mandataries, even after the dramatic call on the same direction by Cuban exiles, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and Laotians, as well as Colombians who are victims of the narco-guerrilla communists, had deaf ears to such just pronouncement, and did not take any concrete measures in favor of those enslaved countries.

Honorable participants of the Second Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy: History and, above all Divine Providence, will reward generously the unfaltering attitude of those who defend the rights of God and of the 1.3 billion people who suffer today in Communist countries. But together they will judge harshly, those who had the real possibilities to take a stand against that evil, but instead opted to do nothing about it.

Sergio F. de Paz Dr. Enrique J. Cantón

Comisión de Estudios por la Libertad de Cuba

Miami -São Paulo, Nov. 12, 2000.- Tel. Miami: (305) 7406436


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