Pro Life: The importance of Catholic vote

in the next American elections

Enrique J. Canton M.D., FAAP

The upcoming presidential election has a very important outcome on the issue of abortion. The next president of the U.S. will choose in the next months, two, maybe three Supreme Court Justices.

Both candidates from the major parties have expressed their choices, Al Gore will appoint Pro-choice Justices and George W. Bush, Pro-life. The Catholic vote is going to be extremely important next November. On Nov. 18, 1998, the nation's Catholic bishops approved a statement urging voters to choose anti-abortion candidates.

It is not sufficient to oppose abortion personally without taking steps to stop it. I am writing to you today, to ask of you and through your organization, to start a nationwide awareness of the impact on the Supreme Court Justices and the next elected president.

I am aware that we in the Catholic Church, can not tell people how to vote or mention any names, but if we start a campaign of education now, we can have a positive impact on the outcome of this election.The Catholic vote is too important for our Church leaders to ignore, that is, if we truly are committed to defend the sanctity of life...

Sept./Oct., 2000.-