CubDest Servicio de Difusión, Editorial, Jul. 11, 2000 (translation)

Fatima, Cuba & the Americas

The indelible anti-Communist meaning of the Message of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, indicating that starting in Russia, communism would spread its errors throughout the entire world, promoting wars, persecuting and martyring bishops, priests and catholic faithful, annihilating whole nations, etc. constitutes an impressive endorsement for the doctrinal and promotional struggle of the Cuban exile, being always watchful against the Marxist regime on the prison-island. That celestial accolade must constitute a refreshing factor of enthusiasm and endurance to the exiles at moments in which powerful interests are trying to silence their voice at any cost, and at the same time, are trying to rescue the disastrous Cuban regime from total collapse.

The Message at Fatima, with its attention to the martyrs, victims of communism, also points out as evidence, how much Cuba, with its stations of the cross for four long decades, has been and still is at the center of the maternal concerns of the Mother of God.

The Message at Fatima, as it prophetically mentioned the martyrdom of catholic faithful, includes without doubt, those Cuban catholic youths who died being executed by firing squads while crying out loud "Long Live Christ the King!","Down with Communism!", and the many other martyrs of our beloved Motherland.

The Message at Fatima, with its opposition to communism and with the prophetic accusation of the crimes that it would commit, makes it unexplainable the collaboration of so many clergymen with that intrinsically perverse ideology, in Cuba and in other countries around the world, by action or omission, during the last decades.

The Message at Fatima, for Cubans and non-Cubans alike, is a calling to do penance, to pray and to change of life, so that it will enable us to reach Heaven, but it also calls to shorten the punishments predicted by the Mother of God.

The Message of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, with its categorical promise that transcending the punishments and tragedies, at the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph, should instill in all people yearning for freedom in Cuba, a complete certainty of the victory of Christian principles, not only on the so called "Pearl of the Antilles," but also in China, Viet-Nam, North-Korea, and in other countries like Colombia, presently devastated by the communist scourging.