January 15, 2000: Diario Las Américas, Miami (FL)

Eliancito and the publicity battle

for Cuba’s liberty

The Commission of Studies For the Freedom of Cuba (Comisión de Estudios Por la Libertad de Cuba) has published the following communiqué in relationship to the case of the child Elián González, signed by its coordinators, Sergio F. de Paz and Dr. Enrique J. Cantón:

The little rafter Elián González Brotons has been transformed in front of
the eyes of the world, into a poster-child of the great drama that Cuba
has suffered for 41 long years, martyred by a communist system that is
intrinsically perversed. This poster-child has been able to miraculously
galvanize the feelings, hopes and efforts of all those who desire the
prompt liberation of our beloved homeland.
The publicity and legal battle of the Cuban exile community to prevent
that Eliancito falls into the communist dictator Fidel Castro's claws,
has transcended the boundaries of the prison-island and the United
States, occupying an important place in the world scenario.
In this transcendental juncture, declared and veiled sympathizers of
Cuban communism from powerful news media of the Americas and Europe, are
taking on an international defamatory campaign against the Cuban exile
community, with the objective of taking out from the accused stand the
dictator Castro and his disastrous regime, and instead putting on the
stand the Cuban exile community. "The Cuban exile community does not
reason, it overwhelms with words, insults and blows," declared in a
disgraceful manner the Spanish paper correspondent of "El Mundo." A
recent editorial in "El País," from Colombia, refers to a "most
condemnable political manipulation," of Elian's case, not from communist
Cuba but rather...from the anti-Communists. There are many other
examples that follow the same line of biased thinking, taken from
newspapers and news agencies from diverse places around the world, that
could be mentioned.
To the foresaid, the Comisión de Estudios Por la Libertad de Cuba,
calls upon the Cuban exile community, to double the efforts to enlighten
the American and international public opinion about the issue of the
little rafter Elián. We suggest to insist on the fundamental issue of
the non-existence of parental rights in communist Cuba, which in turn, we
will be able to demonstrate effectively the allegation of dictator
Castro and his direct and indirect allies, exorcising at the same time,
the slanderous statements made against the Cuban exile community.
In effect, as it has been demonstrated by many analysts, according to
the Cuban Constitution and other legal texts, such as the "Código de la
Niñez y la Juventud,"(The Code of Childhood and the Youth) in the
prison-island, it is not the parents but rather the communist State,
that exercises that parental right, denying the legitimate and
fundamental rights of the parents to give their children the education
that they esteem most adequate.
Because of this, the return of Eliancito González Brotons would not be
to his father and his family - as the dictator Castro alleges, president
Clinton, the minister of Justice Janet Reno and the Naturalization
Service of the United States - but rather it will take him to the
implacable claws of the communist State, which will seize the body and
above all the soul of the little Cuban rafter, as it has previously done
with entire generations of children and the youth of our long-suffering
We implore to the Virgin of Fatima, who promised the conversion of
Russia and the final defeat of communism, and to the Guardian Angel of
Eliancito González Brotons - to whom his mother Elizabeth Brotons
Rodriguez, taught how to pray for his protection - will grant the Cuban
exile community all the strength and courage to carry on this arduous
and glorious crusade for the freedom of Cuba.

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