March 17, 2000: Diario Las Américas, Miami (FL)

French TFP asks president Chirac to veto Cubaís sharing in a treaty with the Eureopean Union

MIAMI March 17 (CubDest) Ė The French Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, has just written an open letter to president Jacques Chirac requesting his "high intervention" in the matter of vetoing the entrance of Communist Cuba in the new cooperation treaty between the European Union and countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). The news has been published today by Diario Las Américas, quoting a dispatch from Paris. The EU-ACP treaty is expected to be enforced in the next few weeks.

The inclusion of the Communist regime in that treaty - allowing it to receive large amounts of money - demands the unanimous approval of the members of the European Council of Ministers. This has not been achieved yet. "The diplomatic compliance and the generous economic help given to the Castro regime - coming in a great part, to our shame, from French state and private enterprises - have only contributed to reinforce and keep alive the Communist regime, extending the cruel suffering of twelve million Cubans".

The letter to President Chirac states then: "Communist Cuba continues to write with blood one of the most sinister chapters of the black book of contemporary Communism, having increased repression in a frightening way recently". For this reason it is not understandable that the European Union is getting ready to "reward the bloody dictator", including his baneful regime in the aforementioned treaty of cooperation.

Itís certain, continues the TFP document, that the French Presidentís firm attitude for Cuba "will not be liked by the Communists and Socialists in his government, as they have been accomplices of the Cuban Communism for many years". But on the other hand, the Presidentís silence would contribute to an attitude of partiality on his part. Europe in the name of the same principles announces strong sanctions to the Austrian government. Even leftist newspapers like Le Monde and La Croix, have recognized that the European-French policy of two weights and two measures is an "impressive show of hypocrisy" that shields the Communist dictatorship, the TFP concludes.